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Where one might find deep beauty
In day's bright sun filled light,
Another may find deep beauty
In a radiant moonlit night.

Stay with me tonight
See the wonder in my ways,
For when blessed darkness fades
I must away by mornings first rays.

Wave of DeathCollapse )

BloodstoneCollapse )

by erilis_vampyre ~ Master of the Danse
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This lovely mask the people saw...
Creating it took quite some time.
Yet you ignored,
destroyed it,

You reached behind the masquerade,
Tried to see what's behind the facade
Gently causing ripples on a silent surface.
Did you even know
what that meant
to me ?

The essence of myself was what you got to see.
Seems you didn't like it.
And now you've left,
and all I've left is me.

by azriaz ~ Dancing with the Undead

* * *
"Eternal Master of Mine"

I can not see you,
But I know that you are there.
You do not speak,
Yet, I can feel your mind so clear.

You are truely powerful and deadly fierce.
You would destroy any who dare stand against you.
Though when I feel I am alone,
You are there to comfort me so.

In all those years so long ago,
When my eternal life was new,
I looked to you for guidence,
All your strangth you did bestow.

I fell more times then I can count,
Felt I could not go on.
But you would carry me far beyond,
Never would you let me go.

Master I thank you for as you see,
I am free and so alive!
Because I have seen the beauty of time,
Through your own two ageless eyes.

I will always be here by your side,
O' eternal Master of mine,
Until the very end of days,
Until the end of time.

A Tribute to the Honored DeadCollapse )

Get Me Back to HimCollapse )

Ground ZeroCollapse )

The Telling of My PoemCollapse )

My Dark HalfCollapse )

One Way RoadCollapse )

Winter Winds of LoveCollapse )

Broken SoulCollapse )

Wolf's NightCollapse )

StuckCollapse )

Eternal Dance of DarknessCollapse )

Longing for BelovedCollapse )

By erilis_vampyre ~ Master of the Danse
* * *

Leaning toward the cold glass, my own breath fogs my view.
Warmth escapes my grasp, glass only knows the cold.
Windows don't see inside, only the outside in for such places.

Oh, to be inside! What things would I know?
The touch of a hand upon my face, company for the day.
Who's embrace would cacoon me if I only ventured forth?
The silent shapes before me distorted by my breath taunt,
dark mummers without faces, pantomime merrimaking.

I can see my own staring face, reflecting back at me.
Haunted open eyes, those eyes are mine.
Such a place is not, I have my own way,
my path doesn't lead inside.

An unmarked graveCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

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Song of a Broken FlowerCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

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Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Haiku (5, 7, 5)Collapse )

For E-the POTOCollapse )

For B.B.Collapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

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To Love a VampireCollapse )

First FlightCollapse )

Another unmarked graveCollapse )

Yet another unmarked graveCollapse )

A Punk Song by MeCollapse )

by mollypocket ~ Dancing with the Undead
* * *
Oh let me lay down peacefully
To sleep and never wake
To close my eyes and to forget,
To rest from thinking for a while
Of all that is at stake.

I think of many things now that
Decision time draws near.
Of things that so important seem:
A life, a love, a hope, a dream
The loss of which I fear.

I´m caught, I´m lost, not looking back,
Ahead I can not see.
But though I´m yearning for a rest,
I must go on and do my best,
Still wondering what will be.

Same Old StoryCollapse )

FrustrationCollapse )

An unmarked graveCollapse )

Self-pityCollapse )

DareCollapse )

MindgameCollapse )

For Old Time's SakeCollapse )

NervesCollapse ) by nayela ~ Dancing with the Undead
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One tear in a million
No better then the rest
Dissipates in a sea of sorrow
Hopelessly falling
To its inevitable fate

An unmarked grave...Collapse )

I have done all I canCollapse )

by mirror_maliris ~ Unawakened
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Calm the restless sleep.
“Quiet, be still for the morn’”
Ease the blood bath with words.
The sheets lay still.
You will remain awake.
Like the angel.
You’ll never leave her side.

by risen_orchid ~ Unawakened

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* * *

The other day I saw a pale horse ride in,
There was a man dressed in black, so I spoke to him.
He said, “Son where you going, dressed so fine?”
I said, “I’m walking in a funeral line.”
He said, “That’s mighty nice, tell me who died?”
I turned my head quickly, “Just a friend…” I lied.
He laughed and said, “Sure, let me give you a ride.”
I smiled at him and asked, “How’d you know that I died?”
He said “Son, I’m death. This is just what I do.”
I said, “Imagine that. Me too.”

Cause I’m a dead man walking.
Just a dead man walking.
I’m a dead man walking,
And a dead man talking.
A dead man walking.

Well that man on the horse as pale as a ghost,
Lifted a glass and said, “Let’s toast.”
“To a life taking souls? Making men die?
Destroying the masses?” He said, “Yep. Let’s ride.”
I hopped on the horse, and rode into the night,
And we flew through the darkness faster than light.
And so my new friend, the reaper of souls,
And I shared his one role.
We killed and we widowed and tore lovers apart,
We slaughtered, we starved, and broke mother’s hearts.

Cause we’re dead men walking.
Just dead men walking.
We’re dead men walking,
And dead men talking.
Dead men walking.

SomedayCollapse )

TatteredCollapse )

Tribute to Tim JensenCollapse )

But if I ReturnCollapse )

Starlight, Starbright: The Sailor's PrayerCollapse )

Sacrifice of Love and ShadowCollapse )

An unmarked grave...Collapse )
by americanpirate ~ Dancing with the Undead
* * *

What can I say to this painted reality
Where can I go to steal away this sublime
Coat of frosted pain and sorrow that
Eggs the ghosts of time on and on?
How can I never want this void to be filled?
This natural hate to ask that abodes within
Seeks to fill its hunger again
Nevermore will the child seek the mother
Evergone are the days of happy yore
Drifting off into a dying existence
How can they be sure they are needed
Are essential to this rocking boat
That their undying voices are nothing
Simply like the wind that howls over rocks
And drips like the pale white blood of the moon
There is nothing here the voices say
Nothing to love in this painted reality
Nothing to fear, so let it go and let yourself
Be swept up in the deluge of darkness
Let its acidic sweetness fall on you, disgust you, take you
Away on a river of self-fulfilling hate
Who would care anyway? What self pity
Would wash over your broken body
What silver crown of glory would you
Set upon that head that gives in?
Nothing more than a bleeding crown to send
You weaving into the darkness within
Is there light left?
Is there light left?
To whence has it gone?
To whence has it gone?
Shall I catch it on the wind?
Or do I let it fade away?

Child on the CrucifixCollapse )

A Grave Within My HeartCollapse )

Frosted Sea of NightmaresCollapse )

Chess Piece of LightCollapse )

What Makes a Child of Mars?Collapse )

Broken CartsCollapse )
by Van Giles ~ Passed into the Void
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