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Final · Dominion

Van Giles

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What can I say to this painted reality
Where can I go to steal away this sublime
Coat of frosted pain and sorrow that
Eggs the ghosts of time on and on?
How can I never want this void to be filled?
This natural hate to ask that abodes within
Seeks to fill its hunger again
Nevermore will the child seek the mother
Evergone are the days of happy yore
Drifting off into a dying existence
How can they be sure they are needed
Are essential to this rocking boat
That their undying voices are nothing
Simply like the wind that howls over rocks
And drips like the pale white blood of the moon
There is nothing here the voices say
Nothing to love in this painted reality
Nothing to fear, so let it go and let yourself
Be swept up in the deluge of darkness
Let its acidic sweetness fall on you, disgust you, take you
Away on a river of self-fulfilling hate
Who would care anyway? What self pity
Would wash over your broken body
What silver crown of glory would you
Set upon that head that gives in?
Nothing more than a bleeding crown to send
You weaving into the darkness within
Is there light left?
Is there light left?
To whence has it gone?
To whence has it gone?
Shall I catch it on the wind?
Or do I let it fade away?



Pebbles clatter from the paws of the devil's angel
Clasping the essence of agony that poisoned
A falling star that was stolen from heaven's realm
To drink upon the nature of humankind
Stealing away the purity of a clueless soul
And leaving it broken and bleeding upon
Its dark and cruel crucifix
Claws rip gently across the flesh
Teasing away the blood in chaotic spurts
As laughter spawns from a demonic maw
Its golden eyes flicker, casting mad shadows
Of haunting memories across its victims face
Weaving an enticing melody it begs and whispers
Shattering each song of light into
Nothing but a twisted soul roiling in lies
But as the light of a unknowing dawn
Crawls over the hills among the chirping
Of carrion beasts and blood lusting foes
Slaying demons of darkness without a single
Knowledge of their radiating light
Locked within the vales of night
Spell casting runes like a kindred soul
Yanking out the nails embedded upon death's cross
Healing the trashed body subject to the demon's curse
With words of truth and words of kindness
Borne in a heart that sees no beauty in Mars
A warrior in thoughtful array
Walking upon the earth to face another hollow day



There is a grave that lies within my heart
So calm and deep, covered by a cowl of thorns
Cast over with the chanting disposition of the
Black well-water that holds the slabs
It is like no other grave that human hands
Have deemed worthy to mold
It is not a physical or spiritual tomb
But a place where all the lies and pain goes
I used to stand over the yellowed tombstones,
Staring at the pond of iciness that captivated
My whole entire soul, every droplet
Of life that had been poured into me
It is a place covered a cathedral of rocks
That seem to form a barrier against
The whole world except for the small
Crack in which I go through
Each time emotions seem to die and
Wither away, I am the only one who
Knows that all they do is travel
To that living grave
Each day I come upon its eerie banks
Coming closer each time, creeping
To my unceremonial death with
Eyes devoid of feeling
Sometimes I find myself locked in
That grave, held in the esoteric waters
As the biting coldness rushes over me
As bubbles escape from my lips
I am trapped in my own death-wish
Consuming all that has been done
And trying to make it die when all it
Does is become reborn


I'm wandering in a forest of nightmares,
Walking with haunted thoughts of the past,
Drifting into an endless sea of dark opal waters
The spray of pain crashes over me
As the sands of confusion pull at my feet
I am standing at the edge of a storm tossed sea,
Breathing in the scent of the harsh salt air
Lightning crashes and crackles in the sky as rain
Begins to slash out at the open water
The lighthouse goes out and mists crawl over the troughs
Of the sea onto the cold, wet sand
They snicker as the darkness creeps closer, whispering
Names of fears and memories, of destruction
No longer do they seek to call but to come dashing in,
Seeking to eat out your heart and make you a useless rag doll.
Death tolls across the sky
A carrion like call and an omen of endless woe
The dark sea is coming for you
Hissing and laughing in demonic laughter
As the light fades from all your memories
And the dark brigade begins
You've lost all sense of warning, all the world is illusion,
And I place my foot into the water where eels of ice
Slip around my toes and drag me under to drown
Down, drowning, to a broken world of silence and peace
Down to endless spirals of death and coldness
A forest of nightmares borne in a sea of life
Because I lost the rigging of my ship of dreams
And it is now lying broken on the sand
Not sure it will ever be picked up again

***************************************************"ONIONS IN MY PARFAIT"

Sometimes when you're sitting on that plush stool
Listenin' to the cafe music of life
Just waiting for your parfait,
Some cahoot drops by with a brow of happiness
Looking like he might do you some good
But when you turn, you don't notice until
You dip that silver spoon into that delicious muck
And it travels to yons mouth you spit it out
In horrific dismay when you see that guy
Happened to put onions in your parfait
Now life is just like this
Some shady characters that dismay may
You and make you want to hiss and spit
But remember....
You can always get a free refill.



Drive me into this fragile existence
Stop playing the mad pawn's game
Don't delay this waking parasite
Holding it to death's uncanny fame


I'm not mad, I'm not lost
Wandering along the edges
Of this translucent reality
Casting up this way it hedges
Running away from me

Speak to me with the angel's voice
Wipe away these tears of madness
I'm not the rook you wish to play
Singing in this corrupted sadness


I am not here for your devilish might
Not here to fend off each twisted night
I am not here for your frigid cruelty
Won't you now flee from me?


Knights borne in hardship's terra
Hold my hand as I run into the light
Save me from this rotten era
Burn away the darkness and fight


The light

it's here for you



Slowly the silken palm unfurls
Elements of sand rattling in its terrain
Snapping as the dragons of the wind
Scatter them across the desolate plains
Red smog covers the illusion of night or day
As the grains of rock are chipped away
And the child that withers on the ridge
Shakes and trembles in the icy gales
Solemn and lonely, forlorn and forgotten
Raised above as a star in the sky
Even though she is the child of Mars
A single tear freezes as her bottom lip trembles

It's so quiet here

They say it's beautiful

But what do they mean when they say beauty?

Why do they say....
My soul is like Mars?
Just because I'm cold and distant
Wearing a mask, a haze of happy illusion
Also known as the smile in the darkness
Is it the beauty in the stillness of
My aerionic song or twould it be the
Cascading formations of the rocks
Or just the redness in the Earth?
Do they liken the bits of rock, my red sand,
To the pain we all endure?
Who is to say in this child's confusion
That she's truly there?


Lost when she's not alone

Cold when she stands by the hearth of warm friends
And distant when she walks by others
Is that really...
What makes a child of Mars?



Why does he keep fighting?
Why does he tear away my masquerade
When there nothing left but painted carts
And shreds of cloth that whisper lonely in the wind
To what good will it do to fix the broken wheels?
Somehow he finding long lost jewels
Among the charred and decayed ground
Where merry voices used to cheer
As the parade of my life glistened by
He shows me the plans and I still
And the anger grows
The jealously of not having the knowledge
To fix all that is broken
The want of giving to the hate
Beckons like a foul wind in my ears
You belong in the dark,
Your old self with never fade
And yet as I stand and watch it go
The anger grows
Pride is all that shackles me
The will to lick at sweet pain
The knowledge that I fighting to do right
And yet I failing and falling to the wrong
True love will set you free and mend
This burnt plain
Forgive and forget, let your eyes not betray
The thoughts that whirl inside
Two sides, a devilish coin of trickery
A saint, and angel and work of light
Masked in a veil of the devil archangel
To what master will I pay tribute to?
Am I not sinking to the dark?
Let me let go of this awful pride
So I may mend each broken cart

by Van Giles ~ Passed into the Void
* * *