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Final · Dominion

Master of Macabre

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"Eternal Master of Mine"

I can not see you,
But I know that you are there.
You do not speak,
Yet, I can feel your mind so clear.

You are truely powerful and deadly fierce.
You would destroy any who dare stand against you.
Though when I feel I am alone,
You are there to comfort me so.

In all those years so long ago,
When my eternal life was new,
I looked to you for guidence,
All your strangth you did bestow.

I fell more times then I can count,
Felt I could not go on.
But you would carry me far beyond,
Never would you let me go.

Master I thank you for as you see,
I am free and so alive!
Because I have seen the beauty of time,
Through your own two ageless eyes.

I will always be here by your side,
O' eternal Master of mine,
Until the very end of days,
Until the end of time.



The winds of war have come and gone,
Their powers have faded away.
But many relics of fallen men,
Remain here to this day.

Their remains have changed the landscapes wide,
Where battles were bravely fought.
And though for better or worse it shows,
In every nations heart.

Though few may see or hear it known,
The winds blow constantly,
Over battle grounds of fallen dead,
Where in was gained victory.

So never turn your head away,
And never close your eyes,
Those members of the honored dead,
Their souls shall never die.



Ever since the dawn of time,
I have always been divine.
The Father knew I would someday,
Have my own special part to play.
He gave me the strangth flowing in these veins,
So I might strive through many great pains.
I will not allow this evil passage in,
For I shall get me back to Him.



Dead stillness.
He knew what it meant.
He knew that all was lost.
His terror sticken friends tried to run,
But knew they fled in vain.
The explosion came.
The candles blew out.
And none felt pain again.



Always trembled.
Still tremble sometimes,
But seldom,
As I ran through the wonderous aura of celestial words,
That came to me,
I puzzled.
Lost in a blue and spectacular sea of imagination,
Even as I stood in front of my class,
But then it struck me.
A tremendous wave of realization,
Enfolding my mind,
My dank blue tears began to flow,
Now I know what the poem means to me.


"Note: The ending words in each verse are recycled.


He is with me in my mind,
He is with me in my dreams,
He is like the deep scar of a burn,
A constant reminder to me,
Both within and out,
That all things are to be feared.

He remains always in the shadows of my dreams.
I try to run in fear,
Because I know what he is inside of me.
Deep inside he burns,
Like a dangerous fire I can not put out,
I know the role he plays to my mind.

That force which helps him burn,
Can never be wiped out,
For he, himself, stands for fear.
He joys in tormenting my mind,
And the minds of others like me,
Who dare to dream.

Even when I'm not dreaming,
He is with me,
In my mind,
Warning me of unknown dangers without,
Constantly inflicting wounds of fear.

And I know in my dark halfs mind,
What he plans to do with me.
I know of his plot to take over my dreams,
To make me see the helplessness of fear,
To make me cower to his terrifying gaze that burns,
That tares the tender hearts of men out.

And yet I know I can not live without,
His ever burning,
Which for or against me,
Must remain a part of my mind,
Forever in my dreams.



On this one way road,
The stony coast I see,
Marking the foaming shore.
I'm traveling for the new day.
Looking back is clear to me,
A cruel life I am leaving,
A blind man I'm forgetting.
Somewhere on this road,
Taking my run,
This place I'm leaving,
My life I am beginning a new,
My past lost in a wave.
This road I take,
Marks the way for the future.
I cut my hand,
To see the tears flow.
Waving goodbye is hard to do,
When coming back is impossible.
This hiway through pain is reality,
I'm taking a cut for my life.
Do I now bound this beauty wound?
This road shall wash away in time.



They blow this way and that,
Searching for their animus,
Their one destination,
For which to dwell.
And along the way,
They may not see,
The futile moves made by others.
As they fan their omens,
Over countless millions,
To some it may sting,
To some it may bring,
An everlasting love.
And to many,
Who have touched its cold hands,
It would seem as though the world had ended.
But to many more,
Who have beheld its beauty,
The world would have just begun.



It's another broken heart,
So others turn away.
Their ignorince is my pain,
My voice they can not hear.
I witness the everyday surrender,
The braking of my free will.
Every year takes its toll.
You kick me under the soil,
Quicksand sinking me down,
Into this darkness I laugh,
My cry is in the past.
To the end of things,
I mend what has been lost.
Into this infinity,
Deep within my core,
The reflection of my broken soul,
Is now no more.



Running through long deep forest,
"Searching, searching."
Sniffing in air of sweet spring pine,
"Something, something."
Sniff the ground of cooling dampness,
"What is this?, what is this!?"
Give a long deep howl in the darkness of night,
"Maybe food...Lots of food!"
Running fast out of this beautiful night,
"My pack, my family!"
Running fast with hearts now pounding,
"Food? something good?"
Come now suddenly on deer now injured,
"Some food, living food!"
Encircling the prey with fear in it's eyes,
"It is food, will it run?"
The deer too injured from fight for the mate,
"Let us kill it, it is our food!"
Over taking him now with his lifes blood flowing,
"He is dead, time to eat!"
Growling a bit for parts that are good,
"This is mine, no it's mine!"
Getting full from the parts that were very good,
"I am full, the rest is yours."
Running home with tongue tasting sweet air,
"That was good, very good food."
His mate is there with belly aching,
"Here's good food, food for my mate!"
Little pups come running to the leader, their great father,
"Some food!? Food for us!?"



He glances and smiles over to me,
It was a beautiful life he lead.
He waves and beacons out to me,
T'was many joyous souls he fed.
I reach for him with tears so blinding,
Ignoring memories of hands stained red.
Touching nothing.. It flows back...I held you,
All those words of grief I said.
Eternaty it seems your life was taken,
How can I accept.....Your Dead?



"And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"............a shadow rushes in as to consume my very soul... beckoning me with open arms.........drowning in eyes possession...his dark embrace takes my heart for his own...abandoning this flesh to crimson desire...in this moment our souls become one...I am all his and he is all mine.....in this forever night of love we shall arise to surrender in passions eternal night.



I feel your loving touch on me,
Even if you are not here.
Your sweet lips pressed close to mine,
Our arms now intertwined.

You gaze into my deepened eyes,
I gaze far into yours.
We take hold each others faces,
Our souls joined into one.

You then hold me dear and close to your heart,
I can feel it beat so deep,
And with every beat you give to me,
The closer I am drawn within.

You whisper softly into my ear
"I love you so very much".
My tears start to flow as I begin to cry,
"Oh why are you not here with me!?"
"Can't you see I need you now ever so much?"

You just hold me closer still,
Chin resting on my head.
Struggling to comfort me,
Your own tears start to flow.

"We will be together soon...you will see",
"Oh my dearest precious Love!"
Our embrace lasts forever more,
As our two hearts beat as one.

I gaze in beautiful nights and long for the moment,
When we finally shall embrace at last.
For that eternal moment shall be the very first,
In all our mortal life.


By erilis_vampyre ~ Master of the Danse
* * *