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Final · Dominion


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"A GOTHIC ROMANCE (Red Roses for the Devil's Whore)"

Evening minuetto in a castle by the sea
A jewel more radiant than the moon
Lowered Her mask to me
The sublimest creature the Gods, full of fire
Would marvel at making their Queen
Infusing the air with Her fragrant desire
And my heart reeled with grave poetry....

From grace I fell in love with Her
Scent and feline lure
And jade woodland eyes that ushered in the impurest
"Erotic, laden fantasies amid this warm Autumn night
She lulled me away from the rich masquerade
And together we clung in the bloodletting moonlight"
Pearled luna, what spell didst thou cast on me?
Her icy kiss fervoured my neck
Like whispering waves 'pon Acheron's beach
In a whirl of sweet voices and statues
That phantomed the dying trees
This debauched seductress in black, took me....

In a pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn
I tore free of my sleep - sepulchre
On the sea misted lawn where stone figures, forlorn
Lamented the spectre of Her
Bewildered and weak, yet with passion replete
I hungered for past overtures
The curse of unrest and her ardent caress
Came much more than my soul could endure....

I, at once endeavoured to see Her again
Stirring from midnight's inertia
Knowing not even her name
On a thin precipice over carnal abyss
I danced like a blind acolyte
Drunk on red wine, her dead lips on mine
Suffused with the perfume of night

For hours I scoured the surrounding grounds
In vain that we might meet
When storm clouds broke, ashened, fatigued
I sought refuge in a cemeterty

Sleep, usher dreams
Taint to nightmares from a sunless nether

Mistress of the dark
I now know what thou art

Screams haunt my sleep
Dragged from nightmares thou hast wed together

Lamia and Lemures
Spawned thee leche
To snare my flesh

Portrait of the Dead Countess

Deep stained pain that I had dreamt
Flaunted demise, life's punishment
Leaving little strength to seal this wretched tomb....

But poised nectar within my stirs
Up feverous desire and morbid purpose to search
Through cobwebbed drapery to where she swoons
Goddess of the graveyard, of the tempest and moon
In flawless fatal beauty her very visage compels
Glimpses of a heaven where ghost companies fell
To mourning the loss of god in blackest velvet
Enrobed in their downfall like a swift silhouette

"Fleeting, enshadowed
Thou art privy to my sin
Secrets dead, wouldst thou inflict
The cruel daylights upon my skin?
Dost thou not want to worship me
With crimson sacrifice
So my cunt may twitch against thy kiss
And weep with new-found life?"

Red roses for the Devil's whore....

Dark angels taste my tears
And whisper haunting requiems
Softly to mine ear
Need-fires have lured abominations here....

Nocturnal pulse
My veins spill forth their waters
Rent by lips I cherish most

Awash on her perfidious shores
Where drowning umbra o'er the stars
Ebon's graves where lovers whore
Like seraphim and Nahemah


Pluck out mine eyes, hasten, attest
Blind reason against thee, Enchantress
For I must know, art thou not death?
My heart echoes bloodless and incensed....

Doth temptation prowl night in vulvic revelry
Did not the Queen of Heaven come as Devil to me?
On that fatal Hallow's Eve when we fled company
As the music swept around us in the crisp, fated leaves
Under horned Diana where her bloodline was sewn
In a graveyard of Angels rent in cool marbled stone
I am grieving the loss of life in sombre velvet
Enrobed in Death's shadow like a swifter



[I. Benighted Like Usher]

Snuffed tapers sighed
As Death left impressing
His crest of cold tears on the Countess

Benighted like ill-fated Usher
The House of Bathory shrouded
'Neath griefs dark facade

If only I could have wept
In mourning by Her side
I would have clasped Her so tight
Like storm-beached Aphrodite
Drowned on Kytherean tides

And Kissed Her
For from Her alone
My lips would have known
Enigmas of shadowy vistas

Where pleasures took flesh
And pain, remorseless
Came freezing the breath
Of raucous life hushed unto whispers


Inhaling the pale waning moonlight that crept
Through the crypt of Her Lord who so lucidly slept


Exhaling the wail of black widowhood's toll
Waxing eternal night entered Her soul

[II. A Murder of Ravens in Fugue]

Now haranguing grey skies
With revenge upon life
Gnathic and Sapphic
Needs begged gendercide

Delusions of Grandier denounced the revolt
Of descrying cursed glass, disenchanted in vaults
Encircled by glyphs midst Her sin-sistered cult

With hangman's abandon She plied spiritworlds
To Archangels in bondage
From light to night hurled
Cast down to the earth where torment would unfurl.......

But soon,
Her tarot proved
Hybrid rumours spread like tumours
Would accrue
And blight Her stars
However scarred
To better bitter truths
Of cold bloodbaths

As bodies rose
In rigid droves
To haunt Her from their
Shallow burials imposed
When wolves exhumed
Their carthen wombs
Where heavy frosts had laboured long
To bare their wounds

To the depths of Her soul they pursued
Wielding their poison they flew
Like a murder of ravens in fugue

And knowing their raptures
Would shatter Her dreams
She clawed blackened books for damnation's reprieve
Baneful cawed canons on amassed enemies

So Hallow's Eve
As She received
Like Bellona to the ball
Those enemies
Fell-sisters heaved
Her torturies
Cross stained flagstones
To Her carriage reined to flee

But She knew She must brave the night through
Though fear crept a deathshead o'er the moon
Like a murder of ravens in Fugue

For each masked, jewelled gaze held dread purpose
Horror froze painted eyes to cold stares
And even Her dance
In the vast mirrors cast
Looked the ill of Her future
If fate feasted there....

[III. Eyes That Witnessed Madness]

In an age crucified by the nails of faith
When rank scarecrows of christ blighted lands
An aloof Countess born an obsidian wraith
Dared the abyss knowing well She was damned
Her life whispered grief like a funeral march
Twisted and yearning, obsessed an entranced
With those succumbing to cruelty
Crushed 'neath the gait of Her dance
A whirlwind of fire that swept through the briers
Of sweet rose Her thickets of black thorn had grasped...

She demanded the Heavens and forever to glean
The elixir of Youth from the pure
Whilst Her lesbian fantasies
Reamed to extremes
O'er decades unleashed
Came for blood's silken cure

But Her reign ended swiftly
For Dark Gods dreamt too deep
To heed Her pleas

When Her gaolers were assailed
With condemnations from a priest
Who'd stammered rites
In the dead of night
For maidens staining winding sheets

And She postured proud
When Her crimes were trowelled
And jezebelled to peasant lips
Though She smelt the fires
That licked limbs higher
To the tortured cunts of accomplices

So ends this twisted fable's worth
And though spared the pyre's bite
By dint of nobled bloodlined birth
Her sins (crimes) garnered Her no respite

Forever severed from the thrill of coming night
Where slow Death alone could grant Her flight

"The Spirits have all but fled judgement
I rot, alone, insane,
Where the forest whispers puce laments for me
From amidst the pine and wreathed wolfsbane
Beyond these walls, wherein condemned
To the gloom of an austere tomb
I pace with feral madness sent
Through the pale beams of a guiltless moon
Who, bereft of necrologies, thus
Commands creation over the earth
Whilst I resign my lips to death
A slow cold kiss that chides rebirth
Though one last wish is bequathed by fate
My beauty shalt wilt, unseen
Save for twin black eyes that shalt come to take
My soul to peace or Hell for company"

My soul to Hell for company



Her bouquets are wilted
Too long has She slept
Their cruel red mouths darkened
To bowed silhouettes
I saw in a new moon
With Her scent on my breath
But then all to soon
Came the hunger for flesh

I held Her in eyes like necropoli
Laying Her on a tomb with a view
Lighting Her from Her feet
To the stars in Her hair
Drove sweet blood to Her throat
And My lips parted there

(In the tone of splintered bone)
She screams benighted
My limbs ignite
A carneal carnivore
On all fours to go...

An ebon Nemesis
From torture gardens of Dis
Having never breathed an Eve
As far narcotic as this
Two spellbound hellhounds
Hearts pounding loud
Racing Heaven out of focus
Under quicksilver clouds

"God is maimed come let us prey..."
To lunar deities that pave deadways
Twixt the living and the grave
Amor e Morte
To cast our fearl shadows there
We made Love bleed on a Deathbed shared
Where, begging Me to feed
To best be Were...

I licked Her wounds and ate Her rare

Argentinum spurred
her watnon words incurred
A sin ridden tongue
To open trading in fur
Never were those gates of pearl
So rubbed to their cusp
Never were the Worlds above
So bitten with the bestial...

Seraphim fell like guillotines
Giving gracious head

Instead of harking prophecies
And how our brother sang
Amor e Morte
In the thick evergreens
Theirs was a chorus for raucous souls
Shifting shape and lifting napes
To commemorate
Erotic stains
Amor e Morte

Unfasten thy masque
Come skyclad to my arms
Leave thy gown a dark pool at thy feet
I yearn musky valleys that no Man hath seen
The chill keen of stars
Over Yew and deep wooded ravines
A hidden meridian
Where Midian may be...

In black antlered glades
Encunted in this forest Goddess
She whispers My name
I buck under flames
Animal nitrates
Howling through my veins

I ride riptides that wrest and writhe to the fore
New lusts ecllipsing lips
That brought me to this verge of War
With inner beasts unleashed
To feast, fuck and run
Rampart in chase of She wolf pacts
Forged on heat with setting Suns

I love the night
It would murder My soul
Should I ever fall blind
For though thy flesh haunts
I keep also in mind
The stampede of clouds
From Dusk's predatory sky

Purple versed like the funeral hearse
That first turned thee over to My...
Unbridled kiss when I found thee in mist
Dressed for the sepulchre
My Demon bride...

"God is maimed come let Us prey..."
To Lunar Deities that pave deadways
Twixt the living and the grave
Amor e Morte
Ours was a chorus for raucous souls
Shifting sape and lifting nape
To commemorate
Erotic stains

Amor e Morte
Amor e Morte



"The Moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
as this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
and the Midnightmare trampling of dreams
But no, no tears please
Fear and pain may accompany Death
But it is desire that shepherds it's certainty
as We shall see..."

She was divinity's creature
That kissed in cold mirrors
A Queen of Snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought Her everywhere
Dark liqoured eyes
An Arabian nightmare...

She shone on watercolours
Of my pondlife as pearl
Until those who couldn't have Her
Cut Her free of this World

That fateful Eve when...
The trees stank of sunset and camphor
Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw
An imquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast
On my love picking rue by the light of the moon

Putting reason to flight
Or to death as their way
They crept through woods mesmerized
By the taffeta Ley
Of Her hips that held sway
Over all they surveyed
Save a mist on the rise
(A deadly blessing to hide)
Her ghost in the fog

They raped left...
(Five men of God)
...Her ghost in the fog

Dawn discovered Her there
Beneath the Cedar's stare
Silk dress torn, Her raven hair
Flown to gown Her beauty bared
Was starred with frost, I knew Her lost
I wept 'til tears crept back to prayer

She'd sworn Me vows in fragrant blood
"Never to part
Lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts"

Then this I screamed:
"Come back to Me
I was born in love with thee
So why should fate stand inbetween?"

And as I drowned Her gentle curves
With dreams unsaid and final words
I espied a gleam trodden to earth
The Church bell tower key...

The village mourned her by the by
For She'd been a witch
their Men had longed to try
And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs
My tortured soul on ice

A Queen of snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought Her everywhere
Trappistine eyes
An Arabian nightmare...

She was Ersulie possessed
Of a milky white skin
My porcelain Yin
A graceful Angel of Sin

And so for Her...
The breeze stank of sunset and camphor
My lantern chased Her phantom and blew
Their Chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain
Best reserved for judgement that their bible construed...

Putting reason to flight
Or to flame unashamed
I swept form cries
By the taffeta Ley
Or Her hips that held sway
Over all those at bay
Save a mist on the rise
A final blessing to hide
Her ghost in the fog

And I embraced
Where lovers rot...
Her ghost in the fog

Her ghost in the fog



And so shall sing the choir of the fallen
Angels of torment hark the liar of burden
Simply feeling the hate that is sullen
And collaborate the pain of a constant sinning
Laughing, pulling, sinking, dying,
Height is your way and never denying
The simple place that you love to scribe within

And the caress of the ebony lake
Like stygian of waves sets destruction to a damned course
Defeated of and the crimson lace
Soaked in blood convulsing to dis-force
Laughing in insanity the fallen angel's haste
Like that of a corrupted song burning the heart
Of simple and distaste of the apocalypse, that is worse

Do not fear of yesterday for nothing is all right in the post
Burning present of the sewage mind contemplating the
Night that waits for the chtulhu dawn of simple construct lowest
Taking my eye to a searing deceptive of the held
In a complete deeper cell of stank and odiferous pit



Three Rightful places 'neath the earth
rack up the winds and screech of dirge
Lunging against the bark of that bare grown trees
Delicate up in the sky where incognito weeps.

And I feel the grapes upon the tattered vineyard
Broken like the clattering graveyard gates
Light breaks upon that subtle courtyard
Knowing the contemplation of as skewed hate

And those broken doors in the field rattle
Those doors that chatter upon the wind
Feeling the knotting in your grave side cradle
And realizing the plight of hell's reign within

So speaketh the forest you doth here
Lying to you in the swayest form of seer
Where the bones lie on the wayward
An ebon dart of darkness pace it's slight of card

These all lie before you as the doors of 'neath
Writing in a passage to tend you and wreathe
Your neck, yourself upon the darker of forests
The sullen of plains
The cradle of graveyards that lay within
And to quote the poet. "Nevermore"
Shall I lay in my death bed, but always ‘neath the earths floor


As I draw my final breath
I hear the church walls hymn
Singing like a snow white dove upon death
You lay your hand upon my caskets rim

I draw thine breath of mine
A sensation that masses hear through time
A violin course rings like that for signs
That love she feels, her hand so kind

And she knows I shall never rise
Though it will close, my eyes.
I feel the sadness swell to stains
For you my blood will lay, Forever you in saddened pain.

I know those tears wont die
For many pillars line the years,
Though I rest in the translucent sky
An hour did fled, she kept, I reflected in golden mirrors.

I draw the final breath upon my coffins cedar lid
Watching my flesh drawn hands weep
Her name into sculptured frost. Then I seeped
Into silence for all eternity that ever shall forbid



There’s no time to cry
The fire still burns
In spite of the lies.
Those flesh wounds burn
Like your preluded high,
Your fragrant chant
Slips through the night.

Caressing a foreign shadow
Pleasing to the tempest ear.
Have no faith fir the storm comes now
I hate the worm of seers.
Way yard to hell it falls here,
Yet this creature fills with potent tears.

The church of towers rings the bells
Of salvation. That shall never save
Those monstrous choirs. Written from the quill,
Spit out the language of the devil
Those tongues that like a chutlhu howl.

I dream of a world, a nymph on ice.
You seem to scream by the draconis talons
As the luscious nymph howls for life
Another Armageddon shall rain on the desolate earth. Of halo
That shatters to poisonous pieces of the bloodshed and strife.

But why the shall she sweep over me?
Like a machete lusting for a crimson fluid.
The only thing that matters in this odiferous
Earth. Then a blood-curdling scream preyed on congruent
Air of pestilence and ashes. She lay on a lake
Of silver like translucency powers of a pathos spewed.
A war of demonic presences; they feud.

Singing the hymn of thee
Shall she ever see
Me dead and free
Her alive, in a seed
Known as Earth. Hear her plea.


Staring at the stars
I fear they'll speak
To me of their scars
In the darkest peeks
Seeing him upon the mountains. God Ares.

Hear the wars fright
In a grotesque place
A screaming, searing plight
For ones who need to be saved.
He sees the warming decay. A wretched Sight.

He laughed and scorned
At the battle field
Watched many lovers die
For there fate was sealed.
A dream of crimson and life. It was all defiled.

I see that serpents crawl
On the dead and dying
I wrap myself in thrall
To keep away the crying
Of the potent quill. I hear your blood shrieked call.

I hear those stars. They call
Telling me of life and all.
I can not take this, so I fall
From the caress of the sword, I dissolve.



Weapons at your head,
You had no idea where to be.
Always a driving from the road,
I never saw you walking there
From your bloodied corpse.
Please forgive me
On the day of translucent rain
Or do anything that fragrance has,
For the flower that blooms.
On my deathbed for you.

I know your waiting in the rain...
On that night waiting for
Everything to remember.
Nobody cared as much as I did.
You died and to never reminisce
The site of where I was once.
Waiting for that blood
To sweep across your face.
Never burying your contempt.

I saw it all happen in my mind,
The gun that made the hole,
The blood that ran
Down your face, you walk as a
Ghost and I see your tears every night.
Was it me with the gun in my hand?

Your ghost moans in the night,
Stuck on that road
That I always pass, you take so
Many with you that I cannot understand.
Your legend remains,
Haunting the road of dreams.
Was it me with the gun in my hand?



Hanging high in politician’s work.
Getting high of each others surge,
Walking through the fields
Of the damned, redundant deserts.

A fugue of constantly changing
Dramatics, A war of instantly
Obliterating chromatics.
Time rages on like the
March of the band, so we see
Into the hour glass of time.

Running as far you can, just
Kept on running, from the bullet.
Bulls-eye, your dead. Decaying
Machinery built in the shed.
Just another robot to fight a mans war.

Flag Poles, Oh yes there raising it
The flag poles, oh yeah there raising you.
Damn yeah, you know you can feel it.
The nothingness, the happiness.
The suffering of the blood thirsty well.

Shoot them all, do it says the man
You knew so damn well. DO IT, “hehehe”
You know you want the contemptuous
feeling, Making you laugh for the evil key.

Politicians, so anti-war, then why the
Hell are we fighting for a
Sack of the dead, and the flag poles
raising for you at dawn.
Only for the sky, at the raving dawn.


"An abrupt cast of lightning cracked up the sky and their did his eye catch; revealed was an overture of a house, relapsed and vexed. Complete with the extravagance of a haunted ground in sweet common, was he overly perplexed. Divinity’s creature stood so completed and perpetually erect. Draped in a casting of stygian dialects, he wavered over and like that of the dead. His eyes severed the reaping picture from the delicious house. Revealing it’s staggering beauty, and doth it douse, the cry of over ambitious duty. His eyes scoured onwards looking at the surplus of it’s symmetry , completely deranged yet so much more in simple delirious preliminary; divulged and wanned , he struck out in pain. For here he has cometh, to the statue of a house, he shall ever plummet and never seeming to reach his summit."



Silence careens in the darkness and my empty life;
Where my eyes see through.
Dark hues beyond the velvet curtain of the night
Deep seated; the translucent moon.

Heirs seated upon the throne
Of Tyranny, where I see.
Brought from depths un-atoned
Benighted upon the sea.

Eyes quiver, hands they shake;
My blood it does run.
Upon the imperialistic wake
Of Sinking from the sun.

Turned away from the clattering gates.
Where my graveyard sits.
Hallowed tombstones, dense macabre negates;
Screaming howls from the pit.

Ebony stench, quailing from austere sights.
Offers in scowling flesh
Under weights of the draconis talons blight.
Thirst under angst pressed
To the stench of the coiling of a tempest night.

Crescendo's eyes are musically under towed.
A hymn of dark seed angels.
Archangel Gabriel is cobbed in barbwire head to toe,
Wreathed and forever strangled.

Necrologies wreathed in bathory terrors
Grief wrapped in a shall.
Slithering tongues belting out the ire of error.
Perpetually overhauled.

Bleeding from my wounded shell.
Astral nightshade in comparison pales.
At night under the dark moon cell
Grayish stench of camphor and my morbid tales.



Cutting at the raven frost...
Black to the touch...
Hear the red heart beat,
In the sweet velvet colors.
Standing in cement I watch
As you pull the contents
From the container away.
That little crossover
From the river.
A river, a shed, a watered down feeling.

Standing in the sour forest;
A portrait of Siamese twins.
One of ivory
Another of sweet deceit and lavender.
Hanging from the buildings side.
A river, crystal crimson.

Cleansed of chained thoughts
Against the standing charm.
Sniffing the ground like a dog
For a showers redemption.
Vivacious and full of death,
As a bird of property
Steals my solemn left alone special place.

Arching over the swirls of you
I pull myself deeper into the showers face.
Caressing it's perfect demonic
Perspiration locks of a watered soul.

Breathe into the faucet.
Breathe into the blanket.
Breathe into the nights wish.
Breathe in the suffocating air of a mannequin.

Swords clang and clash and break.
Clang, clash and shake. Clang, clash,
Clang, clash.. Shake, clang, clash.
Breaking the mother’s decrepit back.
Ire of something beyond the curtains life.

That river of showers is pulling that nothingness
Further down the tube.
And as it cycles down, I cycle the wheels
Of the monsters hate, pedaling fast to catch the
Eyes of a stygian desert.
It's stabbing my hands with rain.
Icicles penetrating the sandy street of where I roam.

All being washed over with waters desire.
All being broke, broke, broken. Clang, clash,
Clashing, like the sounds of broken bells.
Clang, clash, shaking, vibrating of sour yellow
Flour yells.

Impaling the flowerbed soil, crushing the nights lighting.
Clattering, clanging, banging, hitting.
Following the path to the drain, cutting the wrists.
No more talking
Just me doing,
Falling deeper into the solving solution
Of acidic dangers. A shower,
That knows no end.

Breathing into the faucets neck.
Breathing into the blankets body.
Breathing into the nights singing choirs wishful thinking.
Breathing into the synthetic river of mannequins time.

Clashing, breaking, singing, breathing. Please breathe away
the strange days... Please.. I stay in the shower...

A shower that knows no end
A shower...that knows..
That... that... that..
There is no... no... no end.



Spite the land for the days of end have come.
Bleed for death; pale withering of the sun.
Here their call simmer in the night
Painted frost sculptures in the stones of blight.

Written in pain for the hand of right.
Down the wrong way from the light.
Take the hand, follow the left
And bleed eternal for the ashen theft.

Humanities dying incased amongst the sea.
Deities weeping from the soaking of key.
Here them screech, in the crescendo's moonlight
Pale their skin; crimson their eyes by the night.

Spite the worms below they have
And now it is the decaying land.
Bleeding from the heart of torture
All of it burning in the scorcher.

Counting down the days till death will come
Anger bellowing from the deepest of the wells
Winter moon set in the pale stone of delirium.

Reach the skies, with the sullen prize
Do not receive for what you can’t demise.
Fingers they wreath the wager of hate
Dead they are in the end of days.


Amidst the frozen moonlight
My eyes drew crimson flood.
From scented altars, night
Beneath frozen stagnant blood.

The wolves careen their howls
Across the frigid landscapes,
Mountains stand amongst the scowls
Of hunger wreathed in drapes.

A veil of hatred brewed
'Neath the scythed wintry moon
And the snow was left amongst bodies...
To rot in the burnished fields of new.

Angels cried from the bleeding grounds
But the feverish scent of demons howls
Drowned their glassy voices out
And the noose of wretched harmonics found

Death was merely for pleasure...

As the wolves of death feasted on
They’re angelic prey for the time that last
And on this wintry night the war was won,
And the feast now continued on forever past.


Strung together through the frigid ice,
Stares the face of the blinded doused in death.
Born together in the frost and slice
Of forests wreathed in the cold hatred breath.

Hands drawn across the sculptured terror.
Fiery rings of snow, overwhelming, burnished
Wings rot from the angels back, in error
Ice and death and blood, all here furnished

To what merely was the bane of all relinquished
Devastated against the hurling mass of winter
Crimson settles upon the wintry ground, distinguished.
Scythed beneath the crescent moon of dead cinders

The swords of battle, clatter through the night
Darkness entwines me as the metallic blade
Forces through the flesh of septic ruined light.
Wars of winter, rages on, bloodied, for it weighed

Heavy. Chanting did the solider bound in night cry
"Here our cry, the blades do fall
Upon the weak, where we shall seek
And show what fear is once the wolves howls from their shawls"

Winter heart, in graveyard blood
Snowy sight, falling from above.
The caress of death, and tombstones
Shalt we cry war once more above the dead winter shores.


A distance in my eyes,
With burdens underlined.
Formulas form of sight and
What I see in hymns of night

Come to me, with chilled and waned
Waves of shrouded mist,
Gentle touch and I seem to kiss
The portrait of life upon the main; we wished.

Upon the crowded stars,
Gliding hear in space,
Upon natures scars
And nothing has replaced

The feeling deep inside
Of floating nothingness.
Wrap a shall of darkness around me
So I can reminisce

In Silence.


Silk raven hair, swathed in the simmering moonlight
A life I am now ensnared too, in the flickering of night
Beckoned on before the strike of dawn, did she call
And their did I see her, a white swan, upon crimson
.....................................Velvet darkness enthralled.

I crouched on my knees and peered on among the brush
And entangled in divine ease, did I now continue on, hush,
A silence swarmed amongst the trees, it swallowed me
And my aura, entranced in what was, this shivering beauty
................................................Here I felt what was to be.

Eons and countless untold years passed all me by and by,
And what fell in front of me, cast upon the reflection, whereby
The mirrors of untold fate had let me cross her crimson path.
I threw myself for her, for in love had we been, a life of untold
And pleasure and sin and deafening sounds had not been contraband.
.....................................And so for our paths, had been lit with gold.

Auburn eyes, Iced and sweet lips, blue is all that beauty
Drabbed in clothes and beyond that of sweet delusion.
Like the nectar flowing from life and here upon the night
And beyond, was I to find myself with her and the darkness now white.
...................................Never to be snow-blind so I could see with sight.


A monolith of blue sounds, massive beware
And waters veil of mist where I stood.
It churned beyond the fragrance of eyes,
No more small, then that of an emerald cross.

Did the twilight beckon on, underneath the shall
And forests of branded man was before us.
Like stumps bewildered, brandished and malignant
Of all that once was, as it gasps of winds, tremble
And fall.. and die, like that, and reborn and revived
Had I not spoke of what was to be merely; no, what was dead.

Hung over in life, chasing the painted star,
Underneath a canvass of corpse hands.
Rejuvenate nothing, nothing, often is nothing.

Midnight interchange, courses belittled,
I sit in the well of where I started, a small journey
Becomes big and never ends,
Hope will become abundant once depression fades.

If depression fades, if it drifts way
Drifts away...
Drifts away...
Holding me down in the night..
It holds me. Please,
Drift away...Please may hunger ravish me.

Delicate is the sound that reigns supreme,
I, here what is in, that drugs, might begin to understand.
Clashing against one another, forest on fire
And abhorrence of the coming of a swallowed age.

Fatigue, without a doubt, no life ensnared no will to speak of.
Has what we call, a life of forged believes and implemented tools.
Bleed with misery, bleed like that of insolent crystal lake.
Methods, meth... meth... methods of failure an intoxication, a fugue of air.


Thick dense and clouded forests
Burn through my astute sense,
And the midnight misty rain falls
From the exuberant velvet sky.
A caress against the flesh of the woods,
Pouring down against luscious flora
And like a Genevieve of purity
It unhinges all the darkness found there.

The wisps of silent wind slither across
The air, a flavor warmed from the shiver
Of the cold moon and a damp eye of frost
Relishes with the fauna of the night.
The call of murkiness is strewn out alone
But the beauty foretold sits here sewn.

And my eyes watch the weather change,
And the emerald river flows endlessly to
See the damp forest entwine to become a
The day rich and full of life be known,
The sent of night not lingering far away.


by Valick ~ Passed into the Void
* * *