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Final · Dominion

The American Pirate

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The other day I saw a pale horse ride in,
There was a man dressed in black, so I spoke to him.
He said, “Son where you going, dressed so fine?”
I said, “I’m walking in a funeral line.”
He said, “That’s mighty nice, tell me who died?”
I turned my head quickly, “Just a friend…” I lied.
He laughed and said, “Sure, let me give you a ride.”
I smiled at him and asked, “How’d you know that I died?”
He said “Son, I’m death. This is just what I do.”
I said, “Imagine that. Me too.”

Cause I’m a dead man walking.
Just a dead man walking.
I’m a dead man walking,
And a dead man talking.
A dead man walking.

Well that man on the horse as pale as a ghost,
Lifted a glass and said, “Let’s toast.”
“To a life taking souls? Making men die?
Destroying the masses?” He said, “Yep. Let’s ride.”
I hopped on the horse, and rode into the night,
And we flew through the darkness faster than light.
And so my new friend, the reaper of souls,
And I shared his one role.
We killed and we widowed and tore lovers apart,
We slaughtered, we starved, and broke mother’s hearts.

Cause we’re dead men walking.
Just dead men walking.
We’re dead men walking,
And dead men talking.
Dead men walking.



Someday light will fall no more...
Dark sea will wax, and cover shores...
The sun and all the beauties of colour and light will fade...
And still darkness will survive in darkest days...

It is not true...
It is not true, that which they say...
That darkness and light have a way...
That darkness needs the light to show and stay and live...
It is light that needs the shadows to define, meaning to give...

Beauty overwhelms...
Beauty overwhelms me as these dark days fall...
Your words and love carry above the mist, above it all...
The darkness creeps over me, and I take my final breath...
My eyes blink open and I survey the world, what's left...

I Close my eyes...
I Close my eyes and drift to a sleep...
Life fades away, so peacful... so deep...
My eyes close completely, and light filters through...
My eyes close completely, all I see is you...

Echoes stir the night with distant memories...
Truth and lies combining into silent melodies...
Nothing will stay to hold me onto this dreaded mortal life...
Someday you and I will be alive forever without strife...
I wait for that day...
Your words will soothe me until then...



Tattered notes echoing...
Ringing in my ears....
Harmonies and rythyms...
Lost forgotten fears...
The silence is deafening...
And I can barely hear...
I hold on to what I've got...
To last another year...

But when I look around
All I see
Is worn out places
Worn out faces...
Empty places
Empty faces...

Going nowhere...
Going fast...
Hope these final years will last...
And all I see is empty places..
Empty faces...
Worn out places...
Worn out faces...

And it's a little bit funny...
It's a little bit Sad...
But these days that I'm dyin...
Are the best I've ever had...


Today, I have first an inspirational poem (well, inspirational to me anyway...) it is in fact the poem (song) that inspired me to create the band I am in, and also to write music and lyrics... God bless you Tim Jensen...

Is it Real?
Figurines, that fall like leaves, and disappear...
Keep calling...
Is it real? Is it real?
Dark machines, that wheeze and breathe, then mock the air...
What is real? What is real?
I guess that I've just had enough,
My mind's slipping far away,
I'm fading in and out of touch,
Can someone please explain?

Set my mind, for open skys, but couldn't fly...
So sadly...
What am I? What am I?
Sullen eyes, shed teardrop lies, then criticize...
Now laughing...
Who am I? No reply...
I guess that I've just had enough,
My mind's slipping far away,
I'm crashing in and out of touch,
I don't know if this is real,
I guess that I've just had enough,
Can someone please explain?
What is real?
~Lyrics by Tim Jensen
~Music by Yoko Kanno

And now, in honor of Tim Jensen, I present a work of my own...

What if today, stood on its own?
What if tomorrow's sun never shone?
Never bleed, what can not breathe, to stand and fight..
Can not free, it's all alone, the darkest night...

Burn the oceans,
Bleed the ground,
Breathe the fire,
And the sky shall drown.
Close your eyes now,
Light consumes..
Staring blindly,
Darkness ensues...

Never blinking, always blind.
Never waiting, consumed by time.
Why alone, darkness atones, for sins long gone...
But never there, the darkened air, the time seems to long..

Burn the oceans,
Bleed the ground,
Breathe the fire,
And the sky shall drown.
Close your eyes now,
Light consumes..
Staring blindly,
Darkness ensues...



Death smiles upon us all, for a time, but life will never do the same. Even though somedays fate will turn her unfeeling, cold, dark eyes upon us, the cool will melt. Life hates us. He stands out like a bitter prophet, the bully on the playground, stealing your precious minutes of time on this earth. And when we have no more to give? Gone. Gone is the fake friendship he loaned us. We are left, alone. The bully taunting us, with hospitals and nursing homes and life support. "Give me just a bit more of your soul, and I'll let you stay with me a little longer," he calls to us. Weak and weary, afraid of being alone, we surrender that which we hold most dear... our pride, our sanity, our repsect, our decency... anything to stay with life a little longer... "Just one more day and then no more," we lie to ourselves, plucking courage out from our depths, displaying it in front of the bully like a medal or a note; a pass preventing us from his torment. But every day we give in more and more, surrendering ourselves fully until there is nothing left of us but a bitter, cold, shell. Life has consumed all that we had to offer, and more, and in the end are we any better for the experience? Are we that much different than the man who died on the street without a penny to his name, but with pride enough to bear his soul away from the Life before it could consume him. Death is the comforter, the healer, the school master who comes to us on the playground and dries our tears. "Do not let him get to you," death calls. "He can not last forever, but I can. I am eternal, I will protect you and keep you safe. Once you are with me no one can harm you any longer. Go to sleep. I will watch out for you." And the harsh school master, the one that we always feared as children, as teens, as adults, on our deathbeds. This horrible creature who steals away children, who is ridiculed by pastors and doctors; we find that he is our friend. He is the one who has been watching over us, waiting until we could handle no more on our own to come and save us from ourselves. To take us awayfrom the playground, back home. In his arms we find that the darkness is soothing... what were we afraid of?
I know this. I have met him, the school master. But I came back. I asked him to take me home, but he smiled... somehow with his sightless eyes and faceless grin, he smiled. "Not yet. But if I return, will you come?" Oh, yes! Teach me all I need to know, master! Show me that life is nothing more than a parasite sucking away my time and my thoughts, consuming my desires! Explain to me that this horrible plane is just temporary... that the schoolday will end and I can at last be at peace! And so I came back to the playground, and the doctors stepped back and gave me room... they told me I had just barely made it, but this fine young man, Life, had saved me. He glares from behind the doctors. He followed me around, laughing at every car crash, every shooting, every death. But when he sees the school master, he stops. He knows that the teacher is watching, and he must behave. And so now I tell you, all that I have seen... and yet you still fear the teacher, the school master. But if I return, will you understand?


"STARLIGHT, STARBRIGHT: The Sailer's Prayer"
- a variation on a children's rhyme

Starlight, Starbright, first star I see tonight:
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.
And if I may, oh star, I pray
Lead me true and not astray
That I may return home one day
This is the only prayer I pray.
Simple, brilliant star above,
Be for me my sign; my dove.
And guide me with unfailing love.
Twinkling in the sky above.
Be my compass and my guide,
And though dark clouds may try to hide,
In your light my ship abides
As dark sea and wind it rides.
I have no chart, no sextant, true
And so I turn my eyes to you,
Who shines beyond my own purview,
And all the night sail straight and true.
Navigator of brilliant white,
Shine on true and ever bright;
Grant to me unfailing light
Be for me a guard and knight.
Starlight, Starbright first star I see tonight:
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight.



Moving silently we crept across the floor in his room,
Intentions known we raise the blade and watch the shadows loom...
And what were the things we put him through?
In the face of his God would he tell the truth?
Slowly recorded were the final words of thought and bliss.
And in his confession we could found no curse, but kiss.
And what were the things we put him through?
In the face of his God would he tell the truth?
No movements now and we assume what we know and view.
Pull the trigger to infuse inside our minds the truth....

Sever the life from his body in sleep
Burn what remains so the world can now see,
No longer.
And what is your answer?

Discard the life of this, and him the one time friend.
Back to the alleys where we know the nightmare never ends...

Imagine if you can, a boy with no place
A life of illusion, no name and no face...
We'll fix and restore him!

With a love like no other we dare to believe
And subtle malfunctions we scare to concieve
A reason.

Dear my friends: this will not end.
Forever after beyond this
A sacrifice of love and shadows.

Dear my friends: this will not end.
A nightmare waiting with a final kiss
A sacrifice of love and shadows...


These eyes are the eyes of the young and the old
This heart beats inside of the weak and the bold
These hands, they are weathered, these fingers are smooth
And these feet have walked miles in all different shoes.
This body is broken, it is perfect and whole
The spirit is blackened; a pure snow-white soul.
I am the sinner, I am the saint
I am the pure, I am the taint
In light I am shadow, in shadow I'm light.
In daylight I'm darkness, and a beacon at night.
I've rallied for peace, and I've fought every war
I've wanted no less, but I've asked for no more
Philosopher, teacher, artist and priest
Sinner, student, peasant and thief.
Give me your pain, your sorrow, your fear
I'll offer you love, I'll dry every tear
I am the pure, and I am the taint
I am the sinner, I am the saint.

by americanpirate ~ Dancing with the Undead
* * *