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Final · Dominion

A Mirror Image

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One tear in a million
No better then the rest
Dissipates in a sea of sorrow
Hopelessly falling
To its inevitable fate


God within me, god without,
How shall I ever be in doubt?
There is no place where I may go
And not there see God’s face,
And not know
I am God’s vision and God’s ears.
So through the harvest of my years
I am the sower and the sown,
God’s self unfolding and God’s own.



It is a night of hollow pain, a soundless song of memories past,
The night is at its peak in the endless void of time,
The scars of old wounds are easily broken,
The eternal torment lives on.

Curling, icy wisps of your spite entraps her in blessed torment,
The curtain of false safety is now drawn back,
You know that there is no Turing back,
For the love that you shared will never come back.

You brought this on your self,
No one can hold the blame for your crimson lust,
I shall not help you any longer,
I have done all I can.


by mirror_maliris ~ Unawakened
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