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Final · Dominion

The Police Girl

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Leaning toward the cold glass, my own breath fogs my view.
Warmth escapes my grasp, glass only knows the cold.
Windows don't see inside, only the outside in for such places.

Oh, to be inside! What things would I know?
The touch of a hand upon my face, company for the day.
Who's embrace would cacoon me if I only ventured forth?
The silent shapes before me distorted by my breath taunt,
dark mummers without faces, pantomime merrimaking.

I can see my own staring face, reflecting back at me.
Haunted open eyes, those eyes are mine.
Such a place is not, I have my own way,
my path doesn't lead inside.


Rose, you have thorns,
I was sent to cut them.
My task is to take you,
cut you, kill you,
make you into a table top decoration.

Savage beauty, you fight me.
You with daggers of your flesh,
and I with swords of purpose.
I wish to keep you on the vine,
to let you thrive, to let you live.

Sweet life, I long to keep your treasure
for myself, myself and no one else.
Your thorns cut me.
I bleed.


Your arms are so warm
Your manner is cold to me
Open your heart, please


So often I'm lost in dreams
the haze of night
and happy thoughts veil everything else.

I am caught in the spell of my own longing.
Bedazzled by the reflection of the moon on the lake.
Would it be such a sin to wish to never wake
to never feel the cold touch of the morn?


I don't want a picket fence.
The number of windows of floors don't matter.
Weeds may grow as they please: long, wild, dense.
The carpet could orange and tattered.
It would really matter.
All I want is a place to be,
A life to live,
a job maybe,
have a moment to watch time sive
through its long and swift hourglass.
I carefree jog in the early day,
a good long swim in the burning summer,
I dream this, and I now it can never be that way.
And so I gaze into the dark the ideas but mummers.


My love for thee is true
sure as the wave to the shore.
You doubtst my love, my waters.
They slide away so often
out into the void.
Yet Love, tide may leave,
only to return to kiss the smooth warm sands.


This side of the darkness isn't so bad.
I know I can't see the sun.
The sky is but a blur of black...
the shadows roam the ground...
such beauty can be seen if you look through innocent eyes.

You think on the side of the sun.
And you dance in the garish light of day.
The glowing world of ignorance...
everything beautiful as a green tree snake.

This isn't a world for you,
so phony and candy coated.
You know better and I know better.
This side of the darkness isn't so bad,
perhaps its because we live on the same side.


I wish I could have had just one last kiss.
Not to be bitter later and sour the sweetness of that moment.
Not to torture myself with the after taste.
(Not that I won't do that anyway...)

I wish I could have had one last kiss...
just so I could put to memory, all that I will miss.
A kiss is indeed just a kiss, nothing more or less.
But why is it that those are the only ones that without life seems amiss.

My lips will continue to move,
for speech,
for drink,
for breath...
but my lips without yours?
Right now it seems like death.


Sailor, was I always a maybe?
I thought perhaps I was as the wind whipped cold around me.
I paced along a widows walk my eyes fixed to the see.
I waited for my ship to come in, most of all with thee.

Was it my Sinbad a siren's song that changed your heart?
Was it the rocking dance of the sea that made it start?
Or was it destined, in the star maps chart?
Were we really always meant to meet and part?

Oh Sailor what have you done to me?
You've gone out onto the salty sea.
And here I wait and wait for thee.
Ne'er to return, my heart hopes...maybe...


Memories are scattered all around.
I can feel their ghosts linger near.
It's been three days.
Three days of wishes.
The past stays where it is.
Ghosts exist,
but their home,
the past goes away.


It could have been a pin prick,
with a scarlet bead of blood as the only proof of wound.
It could have been a shove,
to have only dirt touching my chapped lips.
It should have been a shove,
that cast me away from you.

Instead you give me tenderness,
Instead you give me excuses,
I could deal with pain and hurt.
But how can I deal with a smile and an I'm sorry?


I don't need you anymore she said as she walked through the fire.
I don't need you anymore, again as they licked higher and higher.
Your touch is of ice, your love is of scorn
I deny my urges and curse the day they were born.

These bonds are breaking me inside and out.
I had lost myself, my senses, and became devote...
to a dream, a thought a wish and nothing more,
you have stolen my essence and now I am poor.


I am a patchwork doll.
My heart has been pulled out.
I'm coming apart at the seams.
I once was loved.
I once was loved.

My arms are limp and loose.
My eyes no longer see.
I'm made of pieces of the past,
memories, songs and thoughts.
I am what you wish to forget...
but know this-

I once was loved, I once was loved...
I once was loved by you.


We crossed the line written in the sand.
I didn't see it.
I was blinded by the break in the clouds.
The sun just shone to brightly.

My feet scuffed through that barrier marked.
I didn't see it.
Your arms were open wide to me.
"Come, come... come with me now."
Water lapped my feet, I didn't see it.
I only felt its icy touch.
I only saw you.

Farther out, step by step.
You walked ahead of me.
On and on I walked,
until I found I was no longer walking.
The clouds swallowed the sun.
Night came upon me.
In the beautiful hues of twilight you disappeared.

Lost and adrift I am at a loss.
To continue or fall back?

They say that mermaids want you to drown.
Did they mean in love or the salty sea?
I guess its one and the same,
my tears are drowning me.


Lay me down on the cold soil floor.
Work and hassle I have come to bore,
let close my eyes and know no more,
other than nature and what is in store.

Let the moon kiss the tops of the high trees.
Set my soul free on the icy cool breeze.
Allow me to now only appease,
myself with me to agree.

Let moonlight lead my way
And all in shadow be my pray
and ever and ever I should say,
a wild one.


I have seen the mountains grow
from their little mole hills and dirt below.
This an other secrets I know,
it is a gift that I had been bestowed.

My eyes are those open wide,
sights and secrets therein abide.
Days I have tried to close them,
oh God have I tried.

What spirit came over my cradle?
What being did feed me this laddle?

I don't want to see the colors fade,
those on the path and those who've strayed.
I don't want this kingdom of love betrayed,
these eyes with visions that forever stayed
imprinted in my mind.



I am a crushed rose,
here I lay.
About me my petals are assunder.
Their delicate gauze,
red as the harvest moon,
breaks into a pool of red.

I'm bleeding, bleeding, bleeding through.

How ironic!
Hours ago I was in your gentle hands.
Hands that touched my blooms
carefully oh so carefully.

You forgot I had thorns,
these daggers nature gave unto me.
Things I never wanted,
hurts I never wished to give.

How easily your skin did break!
The warm flow of your blood
heated me as no other sun would.

You flung my from your gentle hands.
Hands that touched my blooms.
And stomped the petals,
so delicate, so dear.

I am a crushed rose,
her I lay.
I lay here.


Some nights my eyes flutter open,
the dew of sorrow chilling my skin
as it flows down from my cheeks
and become lost in the fabric
I try to cacoon myself in.

Did I imagine you were here?
I lie back against the cooling sheets
and defiantly refuse to address the tears
the tears I know that are lingering.
Were you even with me at all?

The warm and strong embrace
that held me so closely,
Were you even there at all?
Or was it just the moonlight,
the soft sigh of content slumber,
my dulled senses conjured up
a vision,
a being,

The stars are veiled,
I covered my head.
It was a dream after all...
wasn't it?


Hurry now, quick!
Hold me tight!

You know I hate goodbyes.

Stay strong, as you are now
and do what you know is right!

The fierce clasping of embrace
squeezes tears from my eyes.

Stop it now. I hate goodbyes!

I'm going far away,
but not so far from you.

I could never do that,
even if I wanted to.

Here I am.
There you are.
My departure is coming fast.

But please, just one moment...
I hate goodbyes.


You held my heart to your lips
and played me a love song.
It grew and swelled
my eyes were only for you.

Did anyone tell you, you were an artist?
You made a universe for me.
Fanciful things that floated on air,
promises are like that I know,
but you whispered to me
with your arms around me,
with my heart in your mouth.

We are over now.
Things have fallen apart.
The glass is broken
but the words you've spoken
are an endless echo to me.

I'm bitter
I'm sad
I'm angry....

Did you hold other hearts like mine?


"HAIKU (5, 7, 5)"

Cool rushing water
I come up, gasping for air
The sky looks so pale



I see your face before me, bouyed among the sorrows.
We are survivors you and I.
Made up from different cloth, but mean to be joined as a quilt.

I knew that it was fate.
I knew that it was right.

The world attacked my mind and heart,
tossing blood upon my hands and canvas that once was white.

Doubt made me blind.
Hate took from me my senses.

You are my beacon.
You are my star...
I suppose my stumbling in darkness was warrent.

Here we stand--I've never been so afraid.
I have done everything within my craft and heart.
My magic and music are spent.

"Scorpion or the Grasshopper?"
And to my lips, your forehead bent.


"FOR B.B."

The Lord he made the heavens and the earth.
For Man and for his winged, scaled, furred children.
I wasn't the one who bore you.
I wasn't there when you were left alone,
so small and starving.

Did you know the words I told you,
as I bent over you, cradling you in my arms?
Did the Lord teach the word love to strike a chord
in your playful carefree heart?

Seven days I had you.
You exchanged my small pets and cuddles
with rough but heartfelt nips.
Alas I am not queen of the universe,
and so now my canine child we must part.
It breaks my heart that you will belong to another.

May one love you as I do.
May all does go to heaven.
And may you remember my scent
so that I may pat you upon the head to say-
"Good Dog."


I stare out into the endless blue.
The sun gleams on the surface, glossing to gold.
A thousand plus years old and still ever changing.
What people you have known, I can only imagine.

The highs and lows of tide used to scare me.
I was one so small, clutching the sand with my toes
where you are large and powerful,
easily knocking me off my feet.
Our sizes are still beyond comparison,
yet I know I have your depth now.

Here I stand silent to the roar.
My thumb rubs over the flat rock in my hand.
With little thought, I flick my wrist.
The rock slides from my hold-
skip, skip, plunk.

My laugh is lost among the gulls.
It may be a hundred years until the rock returns.
The tides that change and shift will remain.
I wonder, will I be here too?


Tell me Love where is the path,
the road to heaven's gilded gate?
What deeds must I do to,
what sort of quest
or pain will I need to endure,
to win you affections?
How long do you wish me to stay,
to be kept in purgutory?

I would do it for you.
I'll swim the oceans over and again,
I walk through fire and nails
if you would but look at me right,
without your eyes tainted with hate.

I ache without you in my sight.
I long to be at your side.
I could go without physical love
(I've lived without it for quite sometime).
You wouldn't have to do anything for me Love,
never lift a hand to help.

My love for you is deep and bottomless,
it collapses into itself sometimes.
Your flaws I see, but you are to me
greater then any human, better then perfect.
I don't want to be a servant of you,
but if that is what you wish for me to be,
I will.

And I ask you, Love, where is heaven?
Where is that redemption I seek?
Can I ever hold it in my hand,
and know that it would lead to yours?



I never thought that you could hurt me.
You had a personality as sharp as your gaze,
I had not considered the smooth caress
of your cold hand would bring me illness.
I wanted a love to last forever.
And there you were, forever.

How was I to know that
forever can morph and change?
How was I to know that a vampire's heart,
that beating silent drum,
would easily jump
at the next young, sweet and warm blood
that tripped across the endless path of eternity?

I will have my everlasting love,
the days stretch on, as may the years,
I chasing a dream,
Reaching out into the darkness,
hoping that it would one day
take me up,
hold me,
and love me forever.

Will I starve for the blood?
Seek out the nearest warmth?
No, no I won't.

Blinking, I wake and pull away
from the grasp of icy hands
and snarling teeth.
Begone from me, false love.



"Remember, if you go too high--they'll fall off."
I took a final look at the old man
and nod because words won't come.
My face turns toward the setting sun,
dancing on the edge of the water.

I'm afraid to look down,
afraid to see how far the fall.

I can barely feel the contraption on my back,
it would be a bigger comfort.
But I have to trust that it is there.

The wind is picking up,
the time draws near.
I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
There's no time to voice these words.

I feel my legs running,
specks of dirt and gravel take a flight of their own.
The edge draws nearer, I shut my eyes.
Yet in my mind I can see the horizon,
an open airy road made up for me.
I can't see it, but I know it is there.
Some how.

The call of the gulls and terns morph,
"Come! Come! Fly! Fly!"
I can't feel the ground.
The wind washes over me where I expect water.

I finally am able to look at see.
I still refuse to look down below.
Instead I stare at the sun,
destination burned into my mind.


Staring is rude.
I know that for a fact.
But when I look at you,
I can't help it.
Your bright eyes,
that easy, roguish smile,
your smooth spotless skin,
the utter prefection...
I can't help but look at you
and wonder

How heavy is that mask?
Did you make it yourself?
Why won't you show me your face?


I am one who love.
One who loves you.

Around spins the world.
Cycles and circles of time.
We step the waltz of places,
distance, change and faces.

Days and nights,
nights and days,
hold me tightly moment to moment.

I am one but not the one.
I hold my breath to hear the heart beats,
clearer and clearer.
And soon it leaves me behind,
because the tunnel is gone.

Here comes another step.
Another hope, and day.
I still fight the tempo.



I wish I were in an anime.
I'd have cat ears at the drop of the hat.
And sparkles would appear, everytime you looked at me like that.

Together we'd walk, with the wind blowing our hair.
Yours is a crazy orange, but no one stops to stare.

Do you think I'd look pretty in my sailor uniform?
I think you'd like it far better if I were to transform.

I know you'd be thinkin' that I'm hiding secrets.
And baby the truth would be--
I'm really a mecha pioleting,
demon fighting,
crying school girl,
crazy baton twirler,
vampire in hiding,
cosmos guiding,
alien basher,
pokemon master,
princess in distress,
and monsterously obsessed
with trying...to win your love.

Maybe its crazy, I could be alone.
If this were an anime, I'd just find a stone.
Out would pop a prince or a cat boy for me,
then darkness would sweep up and we'd leave fate to see.
Would you like some pocky after we go for sushi?
And then after fighting evil, I'd hold you tight my bishie.

I know there's more to life than Japanese animation,
but couldn't you agree it's better in the original translation?
They say its a phase, it'll pass like stormy weather...
But what do they know?
It's what brought us together.


by mollypocket ~ Dancing with the Undead
* * *