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Final · Dominion

Master of Macabre

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Where one might find deep beauty
In day's bright sun filled light,
Another may find deep beauty
In a radiant moonlit night.

Stay with me tonight
See the wonder in my ways,
For when blessed darkness fades
I must away by mornings first rays.


I always ran
Seldom did I
Stay long enough
To stop and look
Into darkness forever...

..Waves so strong
Yet so gentle
Surrounding me
Penetrating my flesh
Consuming my every being

All fears unknown
Passing through this broken body
And yet
I am tired
So tired
Open my eyes...

..I see now
The one above me is
Calling to me
Waiting for me to stop
Stop holding on to life
Embrace death
In death is rest
Eternal dreams flight...

..Never surrender
Back then..


Once I was alive,
In ages long since passed,
Memories have all but faded away.
Only now a relic of earth and bone,
Hardened by the passing of time.

Very old have I become,
And older still have I yet to be,
For Immortal am I.
Cold and lifeless,
All those many years.
And yet,
If dead I truely am,
Why do I bleed?

Life and death have I bore witness,
Time and time again.
What makes me so different,
From all others of my kind?
Is it perhaps an ancient curse,
Or something a little more?

If I bleed,
Do I not possess a heart?
And if a heart I possess,
Do I not possess a soul?
A soul yearning for somthing...
A heart bleeding for someone...

When once I was alive,
In ages long since passed...

by erilis_vampyre ~ Master of the Danse
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